Friday, October 28, 2011

Tonya Cooley Claims Rape

One of my favorite cast members from The Real World, Tonya Cooley, has recently claimed that she was raped while filming "The Challenge: The Ruins". Her rapists? Evan Starkman and Kenny Santucci. This saddens me because I really like Kenny. I don't know yet if the accusations are true, but I am hoping not. You do have to wonder why it took her so long to come forward if they are. She said that they took a toothbrush to her private area. She also stated that MTV knew about it, and did NOTHING. All I can really say is that she is a Challenge legend and I don't see her getting invited back on the show anytime soon. I will keep you updated on this story, and let you know if I hear from any of the cast members involved in this incident.

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