Friday, April 12, 2013

Album Review: New Kids On The Block - 10

1. We Own Tonight - I think it is a good song that shows off their voices very nicely (especially Joe's).
2. Remix (I Like The) - not my favorite song on the album, but I can see why it was chosen as the first single.
3. Take My Breath Away - It is a solo song by Joey (as there is on all their albums), but it just isn't his best.
4. Wasted On You - Another song that could've been better.
5. Fighting Gravity - I like it better than some other songs on the album, but still not great.
6. Miss You More - I thought Jordan did a good job with this song.
7. The Whisper - One of my faves on the album.
8. Jealous (Blue) - Yet another ballad...
9. Crash - I like it.
10. Back To Life - co-written by Joe.
11. Now Or Never - another song that was co-written by Joe, but I like it better.
12. Survive You - a good "fuck off but I will miss you" type song
13. Let's Go Out With a Bang - Another one of my fave songs on this album.

My overall opinion of this album is 7/10.

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