Sunday, May 05, 2013

Artist Spotlight - May 2013

I am very excited about this month's featured artist because I have been a fan of them since the very beginning, and one of their members is a friend of mine, and another one is one of my favorite singers ever (the fact that I have an admiration of him is an understatement). Who else could I be talking about but....

98 Degrees!

They got their start in Los Angeles, but they are all from Ohio. Maybe that is just another reason I love them (I am from the Midwest too). Jeff Timmons was the first, then Nick Lachey, and Nick called his best friend Justin Jeffre and his younger brother, Drew Lachey. The foursome was complete, and the results were phenomenal. The group recorded 4 albums before taking an "extended hiatus" (which included a run for mayor of Cincinnati, Dancing With The Stars, and 3 solo albums). They announced their return last year (after months of rumors), and began recording their first album together in over a decade (comes out this Tuesday)! They will also be going on tour this summer with two other boy band legends (New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men) for "The Package Tour", and guess who has tickets!

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