Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Album Review: 98 Degrees - 2.0

Microphone - it is an okay song, but I think they could've had a stronger first single.

Girls Night Out - Rumored to be the second single - way better than Microphone

Lonely - Nick's voice does a lot of things to me, and this song is no different

Can't Get Enough - well, it's not a ballad...

Impossible Things - one of the first songs I heard from the album

Hush, Hush - great song

No Part Of You - the lyrics are kind of dumb, but i like the song

Agree On Goodbye - why would anyone say goodbye to these guys?

Let Go Of My Heart - yet another ballad

AYO - i like it

Take The Long Way Home - closes the album

Because Of You (Acoustic) - the acoustic version of my fave 98 Degrees song

Invisible Man (Acoustic) - the acoustic version of their very first single

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