Saturday, December 31, 2011

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Say IT'S OVER!

I have been waiting to post this blog for about a year now. Now although celebrity weddings have seemed to become a joke over the years, I really did not see this one lasting as long as it did. I mean she dated Travie McCoy for like 3 years, and they didn't get married; then she meets Russell Brand at an event, and suddenly they are engaged and meant to be? Sorry, but I just don't buy into that. I think she was big at the time (still is), and he used her to help his career here in the USA. I said from the very beginning that they were doomed, and as soon as they stopped wearing their rings, I knew it was true, and only a matter of time before it was officially announced. I do hope that they both find happiness elsewhere, and don't let this discourage them in future relationships. And to Katy: If you ever want to kiss a girl and REALLY like it, give me a call ;).

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Erin said...

Yeah, I didn't think they would last either, but am kind of sad they didn't, because I like them both and think they were kind of a fun, quirky couple. I still can't believe he boinked Courtney Love though...not sure why it surprises me.