Monday, September 17, 2012

Cee Lo and XTina Are Taking A Hiatus From "The Voice"

NBC officially announced yesterday that two of its judges from the hit show will not be in their red chairs next season. With every bit of bad news comes some good though; Usher and Shakira will be their substitute judges for one season! I gave up on watching "The Voice" last season (when Lindsey didn't go as far as she should've, and Raelynn was chosen over people like Jordis), but I will always support Christina Aguilera, and the show's dynamic won't be the same next season. Both superstars swear they will be back; Christina is leaving to tour, and Cee Lo is going to be working on a new television show as executive producer. I personally don't think Cee Lo is a good choice for the show anyway, so I am excited to see what Usher brings to the table!

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Erin said...

Honestly, Blake and Adam are my fave personalities on the show, but I do like Christina and Cee Lo too so I'm glad they'll be back. I'm really excited to see Shakira (girl crush)on the show and I like Usher too. So, it's nice that they're changing it up a bit.