Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Challenge Poll: Who Do You Want To Come Back?

Are you as tired of the newbies as I am? Who has been off the show for awhile, and you would really like them to come back? Let me know!
Which Challenge Alum Should Return After Their Very Long Absence?
Mark Long
Jenn Grijalva
Ev Smith
Landon Lueck
Coral Smith
Kenny Santucci
Evan Starkman
Casey Cooper
Cameran Eubanks
Robin Hibbard
Sarah Rice
Rachel Robinson
Abram Boise
Mike Mizanin
Brianna Taylor
Brad Fiorenza
Cohutta Grindstaff
Other (Comment with name)
This is a two part process: whoever wins the poll, I will then start a petition to get them on the show!

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