Saturday, July 09, 2011

Album Review: Brianna Taylor - Fireworks at the Fairground

You probably know her from Real World: Hollywood, but she was also on American Idol! This as actually her second album, and you can buy the first one (the one with Summertime - which reached #1 on ITunes) here, here, or get it from me!

1. Criminal - I like the song, but they could've picked a better song as the lead single.

2. I Know What Boys Like - An Okay cover

3. Every Second Counts - I love the song, and the song really shows her voice range nicely

4. The Last Time That I Said Goodbye - Not her best, but not bad

5. That's The Way It Is - Kinda has a country vibe, but I like it (one of my faves)

6. Today Is The Day - Another song that shows off her talent

7. Wonderland - It's okay

8. All I Wanna Be - very catchy and easy to sing along too. It is my fave song on the album! :)

9. Bittersweet - I like it. its catchy

10. Clap Your Hands - another catchy song with fun lyrics

Purchase this album here!

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