Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Artist Spotlight - March

These artists will also be featured on this site throughout the month:  

Shannon Lee - This month's first artist is no stranger to this site. You can find her on Twitter (under Shannon Elliman) and Facebook. My favorite song of hers is "The Way":
Tony Lucca - Anyone around my age probably remembers him from MMC in the 90s, but he also just happens to be featured on Season 2 of "The Voice", and he is one of my faves this season! You can find him on Twitter and Facebook as well.
Lindsey Pavao - So far it looks like she will be one of the front runners this season on "The Voice". I did an interview with her, and it will be up at a later date. For now, you can check her out on Twitter or Facebook. She is so good that she even has a Tumblr page dedicated to her!

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Erin said...

Cannot wait for the Lindsey Pavao interview!