Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 5 Boy Bands

I tried to make as fair of a list as I could, so even my love for Nick Lachey, and my friendship with Jeff Timmons didn't make for a biased opinion. Boy bands started it all for me!
In honor of MTV's "Battle of the Boy Bands", I decided to make a list of my own:
1. New Kids On The Block
They were the very first album I ever owned, and sparked my initial interest in music! I own all their albums (still to this day), and I think my favorite might be "Step by Step". I was totally "in love" with Joey back in the day! I never did get to see them in concert though :(. EDIT: I finally saw them in 2013!
Although when they came out I was a huge BSB fan, I still managed to find room in my heart for this new group - who knew that that love would grow into something so spectacular! I had posters of them all over my room for a few years, and I even went to see them in concert during the height of their popularity. My favorite member was JC (Mickey Mouse Club, hello!), and my favorite album was probably "No Strings Attached" (unless you count the Holiday album).
3. 98 Degrees
This is probably the least shocking choice on this list (see above reason). I loved them from day one! I remember buying their album before they were even really known, and I bought every album thereafter! To this day I still love their music, and the guys that sang it (shout-out to Jeff). I love all their albums equally, but my favorite song is probably "Because of You', and my favorite music video is "My Everything" (Jessica Simpson)!
 4. Backstreet Boys
Restored my love for pop music, and their first album is still one of my faves - ever. My favorites were AJ and Brian, and even though I think their newer albums aren't as good, they will always be a part of pop music history. My friends and I were even going to perform "Everybody" for a talent show our senior year of High School. I remember watching their music videos for hours on end.
 5. 2Gether
Known as the parody boy band, but I think the funniest part was that they were actually GOOD. I loved the movie, and I own both of the albums, and I am very excited about the reunion! I love "Chad" and "Mickey"!

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