Friday, September 02, 2011

The Challenge Reunion

First off, points to Johnny and Kenny for wearing shirts promoting themselves - that was full of win. Also, I don't know if Jenn was in a really bad mood that day or just mad at the world, but what the fuck?! I mean I love her, but geez. Don't get on her bad side, or piss her off! Evelyn looked awesome, but I wish they would've given her more screen time (I mean in 5 hours of filming, you couldn't give her 10 minutes of air time?). I am not the biggest fan of Paula, but she did make me laugh with some of her comments. Cara Maria looked smoking hot in that dress, and as always, Thank God for Laurel - she is always there for back up! Now onto the guys, besides getting to the final, I didn't really understand why the rookies were there. They barely even said anything. Just so they could say they have been to a reunion? Well, congrats fellas. I have to wonder if Wes is as much of a dick in real life that he appears to be on TV, but honestly he wasn't too bad at the Reunion. It was nice to see Adam and CT, and I wish they had made it to the final. I felt really bad for Adam when my girl Jenn was yelling at him :(. I would love to meet CT in person to see if he is as scary as everyone seems to think he is.

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