Monday, September 26, 2011

Southwest Airlines Gives L Word Star The Boot

Singer/Actress Leisha Hailey, best known as Alice on Showtime's "The L Word" and the band Uh Huh Her, was shown the exit on a recent Southwest flight, and she says it's because of her sexuality. According to her, the flight attendant got a little moody when Hailey kissed her girlfriend. Leisha went to Twitter to vent: “I have been discriminated against by @SouthwestAir. Flt. attendant said it was a ‘family’ airline and kissing was not ok. Since when is showing affection towards someone you love illegal? I want to know what Southwest Airlines considers a ‘family.I know plenty of wonderful same sex families I would like to introduce them to. Boycott @SouthwestAir if you are gay. They don’t like us. We were escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue. @SouthwestAir endorses homophobic employees. No one made her accountable.This is an outrage. I demand a public apology by @SouthwestAir and a refund. Hate is not a family value. I will never fly this airline.” Southwest has replied since then with this statement: “Initial reports indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behavior as excessive. Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all Customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behavior and not gender. The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight. We are ready to work directly with the passengers involved to offer our heartfelt apologies for falling short of their expectation.” I think SOMEBODY is afraid of having a homophobic reputation, and I do wonder if they had been straight if they would've gotten as many "complaints". Thanks to for the story :) See the official statement here:

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