Friday, September 23, 2011

R.I.P Vesta Williams :(

This story is especially sad for me because I actually have gotten to meet her. I was on TV when I was 15, meeting my favorite singer Shanice, and Vesta was one of the other celebrities that were there. All 5 of the ladies (the other 3 being Olivia Newton-John, Martina McBride, and Crystal Wilson) were there promoting a Christmas album called "Mother & Child". Anyway, Vesta Williams was found dead today. No reason for her death has been officially released yet, but many prescription bottles were found in her hotel room where her body was found. Many celebrities took to Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts on the devastating news. Williams rose to fame in the 1980s, and went through a major weight loss in the 90s. If you want to send her family your thoughts or prayers, she was @vesta4u on Twitter, or just use her name (trending topic).

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