Friday, July 10, 2015

Album Review: Whitney Myer - Articles of Luminous Nature (EP)

You probably recognize her from being on "The Voice" (Season 2), but I also did an interview with her awhile back.

1. Wake and Watch - has a great vibe, and is a nice opener for the album.

2. Orange Sky - I have had this song on my IPod since way before I got the album, and I listen to it about as often as her cover of "No One"

3. Drowned In Love - It's a good song, and has a haunting kind of vibe, but not my favorite on the album

4. Crazy Making - another song I had on my IPod efore I had the album, but don't like it as well

5. Locura - the single and music video from the album, and it's very catchy. Safe to say that it's my fave song of hers (of the original songs anyway)

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