Friday, July 31, 2015

Movie Review: Vacation

I know what you are thinking: another remake, really?

Technically it isn't a remake, it is more of a sequel. While the original "Vacation" movie was something that I would still watch with my kids today, this new version is NOT KID FRIENDLY AT ALL. It is VERY FUNNY though, and you will laugh your butts off at some parts.

Ed Helms (Hangover Trilogy) plays Rusty Griswold whose fave memory is going on a family trip with his parents and his sister 30 years ago. His two sons don't get along, so he decides it would be great for the family to go on a "real vacation". Of course they run into plenty of problems on the way, and of course they are all funny to the movie-goer. Christina Applegate plays his wife, Leslie Mann plays his sister (Audrey), and Chris Hemsworth plays his brother-in-law. There are a few other worthy cameos, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. If you are looking for some laughs, definitely go check it out, but if you are looking for a family-friendly movie, go see "Minions" or even "Ant-Man". This movie lives up to its R rating, but doesn't even come close to the 80's classic film. My opinion, save your money and just rent the original "Vacation". Overall impression, 2.5 out of 5 stars - it tried it's hardest, but missed terribly.

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