Sunday, September 06, 2015

Album Review: Kristine Mirelle - Covers and Stuff

1. Heartless (Kanye West) - I am not a Kanye fan at all, but I have always liked the song, so the fact she remade a good song into a great song just shows how amazing she really is

2. Counting Stars (One Republic) - I still don't like the song, but good cover

3. Stay With Me (Sam Smith) - I saw her perform this song live, and I thought she did a great job.

4. Say Something (A Great Big World feat Xtina) - I actually like the guy's voice in this version better than the original, but Christina Aguilera is one of my fave singers ever....I do like this cover though.

5. Take Me To Church (Hozier) - I got annoyed by the original because it got so overplayed, so thank you for making me like the song again; I actually prefer her version over his.

6. Stay (Rihanna) - Her voice is beautiful and RiRi would be proud.

7. When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars) - I think she did a great job

8. Not The Only One (Sam Smith) - Another song where the original was way overplayed on the radio, but I like the twist she gave to it.

9. Demons (Imagine Dragons) - My least favorite song on the album (there's always one that has to be)

10. Crazy Right Now (Beyonce) - I like how she slowed it down and made it her own because it is definitely known as a dance song

BONUS: Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah) - It isn't on the album, but I saw her perform it live and it was awesome! It is definitely my new favorite cover - ever. (Kristine, if you are reading this, I would really love a copy ;))

OH YEAH, and you can buy the album here, here, or here! ;)

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