Sunday, January 02, 2011

Album Review: Crystal Bowersox - Farmer's Daughter

Ridin With The Radio (Track 1)
I don't really like the music; but I like the lyrics

For What It's Worth (Track 2)
I think she did a really great job on this cover

Farmer's Daughter (Track 3)
Another one of my favorite songs off this album

Holy Toledo (Track 4)
Its a slow start; but I liked it after it got past the first part of the song (being honest)

Lonely Won't Come Around (Track 5)
I really like this song

Hold On (Track 6)
I have reviewed this song so many times already (and it was on My Top 50 for 2010); so all I will say is that I still love the song and it reminds us all why she should've won American Idol!

On The Run (Track 7)
Has a good beat and her voice is on target

Kiss Ya (Track 8)
I really like this song - definitely in my top few picks from the album. Its nice to have a song with a more rockish vibe

Speak Now (Track 9)
I feel that its a little too slow; but the song itself is good

Mine All Mine (Track 10)
I like this song - very pretty

Mason (Track 11)
She sounds great; but I just don't really like the song

Arlene (Track 12)
Good song - very powerful

Finally Got It Right (Bonus Track)
She wasn't an Idol yet; but the song definitely tells us she had some potential already :)

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