Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Free (Again)

One big story in the news right now that I do want to talk about is Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab. I really hope that THIS time will be the one where she stays on the right path and only surrounds herself with positive influences on her life. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a fan of hers and I do want what is best for her. I also really hope that she can find a friend that won't sell "her story" to the tabloids and that she can once again become a positive role model in young women's lives. One of my favorite blogs ever is the one that SHE wrote about Sarah Palin being nominated for office - it is a blog that EVERYONE should read. I hope she doesn't go back to jail for that Betty Ford Clinic altercation and becomes a box office hit once again. I am not sure yet how moving in next to Sam will work out in her favor (or against her); but I will keep you updated on my thoughts about the subject. I really think that she just loved the apartment and Sam gives her positive vibes :). UPDATE: it has been reported, since writing this blog, that Lindsay has said she didn't know she was right across from Sam and just loved the apt - see? :)


Unknown said...

I wonder how long she will be free. I hope she doesn't lapse back to her old ways, but something tells me she will be back in trouble soon.

Lilly said...

hey Steve, thanks for reading my blog :)

Unknown said...

I'm so sick of seeing her in out of rehab. I hear Sam was really upset she moved in, she ruined sam and that was just wrong. I have no high expectations for her at all.