Saturday, January 08, 2011

Omarion comes out as Bisexual

The official statement

I am so proud of Omarion for coming out. I think more people in the industry need to do the same - be proud of who you are. I think every person who comes out is a step in the right direction towards gay rights, and I think it will become more accepting eventually. Now before anyone misquotes me, I'm not saying that we can't beat this thing on our own. There was a time when women and people of other races were looked down upon and treated differently, and times have changed; so I really believe the same will happen with gays.


Unknown said...

I must be out of touch with Pop Music. I haven't heard of Omarion. A friend told me he is a great singer though

Lilly said...

he is an r&b singer; formerly in the group, B2K. he also has done some collaborations