Sunday, April 24, 2011

The LeAnn Rimes "Misunderstanding"

So it appears to be all over the internet that LeAnn Rimes isn't acknowledging her first marriage, and its all because of a misquote! LeAnn Rimes married Eddie Cibrian a few days ago and then posted this on Easter, “Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful friends! Coffee…me the computer…. Eddie the Sunday newspaper… waves crashing… holding hands… nice way to start it.” Nothing wrong with that, but then she adds this gem, “My first Easter as a WIFE! GOD thank you for your goodness! May we all be blessed today and forever!” Does anyone else remember the guy she cheated on with Eddie in the first place, her husband of eight years, Dean Sheremet???? I am thinking she meant first Easter as a wife to Eddie, in fact, I am pretty sure that is what she meant. Watch what you say people, it could be taken the wrong way by anybody at anytime.

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