Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where's Kate Reed When You Need Her?

This just might be my favorite story in quite awhile. Sarah Shahi (The L Word and Fairly Legal) tweeted the other day about running into Paris Hilton...or, in this case, Paris Hilton almost running into her! It all started with some reckless driving and that motherhood thing. Sarah tweets: “Worst driver ever,” tweeted Shahi after her road run-in with Hilton. “Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. what if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb bitch.” But she wasn't done, she then says, “Paris Hilton – horrible excuse for a human being… What an irresponsible person… What a lame existence. I wouldn’t be as pissed if I wasn’t a mom." I am actually following Sarah Shahi and I found this whole thing quite funny, because she doesn't usually blow up about anybody. I am also not really a fan of Paris Hilton either, so that probably helped.

UPDATE: Paris finally replied!

I personally think that she is lying. She has gotten in trouble for bad driving before and is kind of known for it. She just doesn't want to get into trouble again.

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