Monday, August 08, 2011

Album Review: Stacy Clark - Apples & Oranges

Track 1: Matter Of Time - The song that got me to listen to the rest of her music in the first place :)

Track 2: Closer - It's an okay song. She is a great song writer.

Track 3: Won't Let You - Not my favorite song and the beat never changes.

Track 4: Hello Again - Beautiful Song.

Track 5: Peppermint Patties - (the song that was dedicated to me at the concert) its a song that EVERYONE can relate to.

Track 6: Empty Bottles - Another beautiful song and it shows off her talent nicely.

Track 7: Unusual - Good song.

Track 8: You Make It Worse - Great lyrics

Track 9: Recluse - It is okay, but not a favorite.

Track 10: Say What You Want - She is so talented; i can't say that enough

Track 11: Strange - A great closer to a terrific album.

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