Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Challenge Finale

The only actual team I was rooting for was Laurel and Cara Maria, but I liked at least one person out of each of the 4 final teams. At least Laurel and Cara Maria made it to the end, and I was rooting for them 150% every step of the way! I am glad that Evelyn showed that she can still kick anybody's ass (even Laurel's). Don't get me wrong though, Laurel IS a machine and WILL kick your ass. I am also glad that Johnny won over Wes (sorry dude). Johnny showed that good always triumphs over evil (except that Kenny isn't evil). All I can say is that I was happy with last week's results. Congrats to Paula for finally winning a Challenge! Also, congrats to Tyler for showing us that you can win even when you feel like shit. I think any gay stereotypes that surrounded the show might have gone away for awhile after last week's finale. I feel bad for Jenn and Mandi getting DQed on day one, but I am proud of them for making it so far. I am also impressed with the rookies, Mike and Leroy, for even getting to day 2 of the final challenge - well done! I refuse to comment on the Jenn/Cara fight because I love both (I just think it got way out of hand), but the Wes/Cara fight was just wrong. What a waste of good coca-cola! Laurel was right to step in the middle of that one. Also, I am proud of Cara for sticking up for herself in the next episode. The only thing missing was TJ Lavin biking up that mountain ;).

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