Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Team Johnny

Anybody who watches MTV is probably already familiar with who Johnny Bananas is. If you aren't, he was originally on Real World: Key West, and has been on about every Challenge since then. Now if you don't know the latest story, the show Entourage is trying to use the name "Johnny's Bananas" for an animated character, and Johnny is protesting that he owns the rights to the name. He has threatened to sue HBO over the "Johnny's Bananas" storyline, and says he never gave them the rights to use the name. I will always be Team Johnny (because I love his character), and i support him on this 150%. For the record, his real name is Johnny Devenanzio and he isn't really the jerk he appears to be on TV.

The pic I wanted was copyrighted, so thank you surivivorsucks.com for coming through

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