Thursday, January 19, 2012

MegaUpload Shutdown

I can't call myself a DJ, and not write about this story that is making headlines. Despite SOPA not even being passed yet (and hopefully, it doesn't get passed at all), the federal government is already shutting down sites that offer free downloads of media files. Their first victim was MegaUpload. For those not familiar, MegaUpload was a site where users could share large files like songs, videos, and games. It also happens to be run by Alicia Keys husband/producer, Swiss Beatz. Some of the executives have been arrested, but he has managed to keep himself out of trouble (so far). I am not going to sit here and promote downloading free music, but i think we all know that people do it.

For more info on SOPA (and how to stop it), go here or here

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Erin said...

Stop SOPA now! Thanks for posting!!